Portrait of Alexandre Rodichevski
Alexandre Rodichevski

My name is Alexandre Rodichevski. I come from Siberia and I live in Italy.

I have a degree in Physics specializing in informatics and statistics from the State University of Novosibirsk. I also taught at the same university and worked as a scientific researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences. For 16 years now I have been an IT Manager and data analyst in an Italian service company in the field of insurance. My experience mainly regards the development of web applications with database and data science. At present I work as an information technology consultant.

The thing I consider essential in my work is creative commitment combined with deep analyses of the demands and requirements. Searching for solutions often leads me to explore innovative technologies.

I am a member in the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers with the title of Music Composer. I am Founder of the portal on art and culture, www.morfoedro.it.

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