The consultancy services listed below are offered to companies, organizations, associations and individuals.


  • mode of development and delivery of the application more useful to the customer, for example with fast start-up and subsequent implementation of advanced features
  • computer design that takes into account the business logic streamlining the corporate workflows and increasing productivity
  • attention to the quality of data in the design, data entry and final verification

Icon for web site development Websites and web applications

  • implementation of institutional and personal sites, which can be managed independently by the customer
  • design and implementation of dynamic websites


  • creation of websites with content management system, blog, forum, e-commerce
  • realization of back-office and front-end applications based on database
  • building database applications with web access for users with different management profiles, and support for paperless activities
  • development of systems to support the operations center or call center
  • creation of data-entry applications for those who work from home or in different locations
  • web applications that allow you to have a single point of coordination with all parties involved in the process, even if distributed on the territory

Icon for data science Data science

  • statistical processing of data
  • business intelligence
  • exploration of large amounts of data to uncover rules, data mining


  • matching archives through attributes that do not coincide exactly (fuzzy matching)
  • analysis of the performance of production or sales and indications for its optimization
  • automatic detection of insurance fraud

Icon for DB Database

  • design of a new database based on the customer’s needs
  • migration between different databases


  • passing data between Oracle, Sybase, Mysql databases
  • exploration and retrieval of information from undocumented databases

Icon for computer support Information services

  • installation and configuration of software on the customer’s computer
  • optimization of computers
  • backup and recovery of data